Dedication - Determination - Domination

The Rules:

1.) No cheating/hacking.*
2.) No multi-clanning.*
3.) All members are required to keep [si] at the end of their names. The [si] tag must include brackets and can never be written as "[SI]" or "[sI]" although any other format is acceptable.
4.) Only the leader (and perhaps others the leader designates) is allowed to organize wars. Any war organized otherwise will not be official.
5.) Only trained members can participate in wars.
6.) Any members who gives [si] a bad reputation (ie. through spamming, flaming, etc) will either be placed on probation or removed from [si].
7.) Any player who wishes to tryout for [si] must pass The Test. The Test requires the player to play against BlurredD in a duel to 10 on Happy Semiconductor CTF in Bobby aka Dizzy's server. The player must defeat BlurredD 10-1 or better or else that player cannot be admitted into [si]. No exceptions.
8.) Active [si] members have the option to vote inactive [si] members out of [si] at any time. A majority vote is required.
9.) Rule #7 can never be made more lenient.
10.) Players who leave or are removed from [si] for an extended period of time cannot rejoin [si] without completing The Test.

*1st offense: Warning/Probation. 2nd offense: Removal from [si].