Dedication - Determination - Domination


- JJ2+
As EvilMike says, "JJ2+ fixes a lot of bugs and adds a lot of things, both clientside and serverside." It does more than any other JJ2 program ever created, and a lot of people already use it, so check it out.

- Captain Cook v1.2
So you want to play a Single Player level but your Home Cooked Levels list is full? Look no further, because this is the best solution there is. It allows you to search through level names and choose which character to use among other features. The best part is it works for both 1.23 and TSF. Make absolutely sure to get this program if you have a lot of levels.

- JazzEd 0.74 Beta
Although Aiko first released it in 2000, this is still a great utility to use. It's good for modifying your name, your fur colors, and your server name, as well as a few other things, that you normally could not do in JJ2 without manually editing registry keys. This program does its job, so you should have no problem with it at all.

- JazzForce 1.1[c]
Think XJJ2 but advanced. Spazzyman and others from the J2HG tried to create a better version of XJJ2, and they succeeded. This utility is much better for hosting online and joining games. And don't worry; this prog is completely up-to-date and supports the Contrabandent and the Nimrod-Online serverlists. This program simply blows away most of its competition.