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- Jazz2online
This site is the epitome of Jazz2 news, Jazz2 downloads, Jazz2 links, Jazz2 miscellaneous, and almost everything else related to Jazz2. And now it's J2Ov2 so it's even more the epitome (yes, I already know that's impossible) of Jazz2 everything than before. If you aren't already visiting this website on a daily basis, you don't exist.

- Haze's Hideout
Here may lie the second best site for Jazz2 news. This site may have fewer downloads, but it does have some of the more useful ones, including the v1.23 patches and MOD2J2B. It's good to visit once in a while, especially if you're new to the game of JJ2.

- Disguise's Tileset Resource
Disguise went absolutely INSANE when he created this website. What you will find here is the most extensive tutorial ever created to explain how to make a good tileset. This is a must-see for anyone with ambitions to make great tilesets but doesn't already know how.

- JCSref
Here's a good site to learn more about JCS and how to use it. Its simple layout makes it extra easy for JCS users to figure out what they need. This website could also be good for finding out something new about JCS.

- Stronghold: Jazz
Overlord's site perhaps won't be updated anytime soon, but it still can be useful. If you want to learn what MCE's and SCE's are and how to use them, you must go here. Overlord also included his downloads, as well as other informative tutorials, so give this site a visit or two.

- The Jazz Duelist's Challenge
Think you're the best? Want to prove it? Go here, sign up, and see where you place. Even if you aren't out to beat everyone, it's still a good idea to join and play against everyone since no other place could attract as many players as this does. While the seasons aren't all year round, it's well worth the wait if you ask me.